Retreat Ministry
Growing Deep

Our purpose for hosting retreats is to provide a place for people to “disconnect” from their busy lives and “reconnect” with God through rest, reflection and recreation. People served by the retreat programs of RiverLife include individuals (especially pastors, missionaries and other vocational ministers) and groups (church, corporate groups and college/campus ministries). Participants may design their own retreat, or we will provide programming according to the participants’ needs. Through spiritual retreats, our hope is to encourage a deepening faith – one that brings new life and renewed passion to participants’ Christian walk. Groups will experience Christian fellowship and grow closer to each other and to God, leaving with a “full tank” and motivated to serve their church and community.

Mission Camps
Reaching Wide

RiverLife mission camps are a way of Reaching Wide into our community and sharing the living water with others. Through these mission camps, we will inspire, empower and mobilize volunteers to love our neighbors in real and tangible ways. Our experienced staff and volunteers will work throughout the year identifying needs in the community and planning projects for teams to complete through our three day and five day camps and through our local work days. Participants will serve individuals and families in need by providing home repair, wheelchair ramps, painting and yard work. We also partner with local ministries to work with those who are elderly, disabled, hungry, or homeless.