RiverLife exists to change lives by leading people to grow deep in faith and reach wide in local missions.

The river of life we read about in scripture gives a beautiful image of the ministry of RiverLife. Ezekiel 47 describes the river that flows from the temple. As it pours over the desert land, its waters grow deeper and wider. Everywhere the river flows, it brings life. Trees grow at the river’s banks and produce fruit every month and their leaves never wither. The fruit is used for food and their leaves for healing. The river empties into the Dead Sea and brings life where no life could exist before. Fish thrive as the fresh water from the river pours into the salty water. This is a beautiful description of the life-giving relationship with Jesus, the Living Water.

Our vision is to offer Living Water to the individuals and groups who need to retreat and rest, to those who serve in local missions, and to the community we strive to reach. Just as the river in Ezekiel gets deeper and wider, we grow deep in our faith through loving God and we reach wide in mission as we love and serve others.